7 Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the last pest you want to invade your home.

Not only do they provoke disgust, but they’re notoriously difficult to remove once they take up residence in your room.

However, these critters have some interesting features which many people probably don’t know about.

As professional pest controllers, we’ve battled with bed bugs many times, and there isn’t much we don’t know about them. So, here are 7 fascinating facts about bed bugs:

1) Bed bugs eat one thing: human blood

Bed bugs aren’t interested in anything else other than fresh blood they obtain with their sharp, long proboscis. Not even spilled blood, or any blood outside of the body can satisfy them. They can also ingest seven times the weight of their own body (try squashing a full one, and you’ll see for yourself).

2) Bed bugs have unusual mating habits

Bed bugs mate and reproduce through a process that’s known as ‘traumatic insemination‘. This involves a male forcing their way into a female’s abdomen and inseminating her. After which, she will be pregnant for the rest of her life and will never have to mate again. Her lifespan is approximately one year and will lay one to five eggs every day on average.

The eggs don’t take long to hatch, and baby bed bugs emerge within ten days. The babies quickly grow into adults, hence the reason why an infestation can grow so rapidly.

3) They have amazing instincts

They are highly intuitive and require such instincts to survive. They know they need to hide during the day, and when to sneak out at night. They’re attracted to the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, which lets them know when we’re sleeping and ready to be bitten. After their meal, they go back into hiding.

4) They have incredible survival skills

Bed bugs are tough cookies. They can survive without a meal for many months and can withstand extreme temperatures from freeing up to 119 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) Bed bugs Are Very Adaptable

They don’t just thrive and survive in bedrooms; for bed bugs to spread they need to hitch a ride to another destination. Therefore, they can live out in nature, and survive within luggage, hospitals, restaurants, and theatres. Anywhere they can find human hosts is good enough for them.

6) Bed bugs carry a natural anaesthetic

As part of their strategy to avoid being detected when feeding on humans, bed bugs’ saliva contains an anaesthetic to give you a painless bite. That way, by the time you realise you’ve been bitten, they’re already in their hiding place.

7) Bed bugs don’t carry diseases

It’s a common myth that bed bugs pass diseases through their bite, but unlike ticks and other insects, bed bugs are pretty harmless to your health.

Bed bugs are simply a very annoying and difficult pest to remove without the help of an expert. So, if you notice bed bugs are present, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

With our professional-grade insecticides and heat treatments, bed bugs have no defence and will be quickly eradicated.

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