Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

You probably already know how challenging bed bugs are to remove without expert help.

But did you know where bed bugs originate from? And how did they ultimately find their way into your home?

You’re about to find out.

Where Did Bed Bugs Come From?

These critters have been around for thousands of years. Many experts believe that bed bugs originated from bats in the Middle East, as many people lived in caves in close proximity to bats.

As the human population expanded and relocated to other regions, it’s thought that bed bugs hitched along for the ride. Bed bugs were reported to have existed in ancient times by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.

In today’s world, bed bugs are found in every corner of the world except Antarctica.

A Temporary Decline In Bed Bug Infestations

Once upon a time, from 1940 to around 1980, bed bug infestations became rare. This decline in infestations was mainly due to the use of DDT – a pesticide to reduce transmission of malaria, typhus, and insect-borne diseases. This chemical was powerful against bed bugs. However, due to its possible carcinogenic effects, endangering wildlife, and reduced effectiveness as a pesticide, it was banned in 1972.

By 1980, bed bugs made a comeback as infestations were on the rise. It’s believed that an increase in international travel, resistance to pesticides, and selling of second-hand furniture are to blame for the rising number of infestations.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Inside Your Home?

Bed bugs are unwittingly carried from one place to another, latching onto objects and hiding in various places.

Items such as luggage, clothes, and children’s toys can transport bed bugs from one home to another. They can hide in public transport seats and infest hotel rooms, hostels, and guest houses.

They hide in the seams of mattresses and bed sheets and dwell in cracks and crevices around the room. In addition, furniture, couches, chairs, electrical sockets and floorboards are all potential breeding grounds for bed bugs.

Remember that bed bugs thrive in both clean, upmarket properties, as well as in poorer neighbourhoods. They’re only interested in human or animal blood to feed on.

Therefore, it’s vital to seek professional assistance from a skilled pest controller to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. Contact The Bed Bug Experts today if you notice any signs of bed bugs.