Domestic Bed Bug Treatment

Domestic Bed Bug Extermination in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Yorkshire

The Bed Bugs Experts, we understand the distress that finding bed bugs causes.

domestic bed bug treatment glasgow edinburgh scotland

If you have recently discovered that you have bed bugs in your home, you will be glad to know that we can get rid of them for you, quickly and discreetly.

We will be there to help and guide you through the process of elimination, from the initial survey right through to the end of your treatment plan.

Even once your treatment plan is complete, we won't abandon you. We give you a six month guarantee and can also provide ongoing monitoring once the guarantee ends.

domestic bed bug extermination glasgow edinburgh

Nobody Needs To Know

When people get bed bugs they are always worried about what the neighbours will be thinking. This is why The Bed Bugs Experts arrive in unmarked vehicles. All our equipment is packed and discreet where possible, and our uniforms have no markings on them.

For immediate assistance, contact us today on 07949 280 633 or send us a message

Why Choose The Bed Bugs Experts?

We specialise in bed bugs extermination

We do heat treatment of your bed as standard to guarantee a bed-bug free bed

We give a six month guarantee - one of the longest in the business

We have a tried and tested, structured clearness plan

We offer ongoing monitoring after the guarantee period for your peace of mind

How Can We Help?

For quick assistance with your bed bug problem, use this form to send us your details and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible