Top 5 Bed Bug Myths Debunked

Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years, yet many myths still exist.

Knowing the facts about bed bugs can help an infestation from getting worse, or prevent an infestation in the first place. Here are the top 5 common bed bug myths, and what the facts are.

1) Bed bugs aren’t visible to the naked eye.

A common myth is that bed bugs can’t be seen without a microscope. Well, that’s not true. Adult bugs can grow to the size of an apple seed, and younger ones can still be visible by looking closer. Even eggs and nymphs are visible to the naked eye. Whilst they’re not a pretty sight, spotting the bed bugs means you can now take effective action to remove them.

2) My house is clean, therefore I won’t get bed bugs

Again, this is very untrue. Bed bugs are very adaptable, and aren’t deterred by clean houses. They will thrive anywhere humans like to sleep, and where there is warmth. They often crawl onto clothing, and baggage, where they hitch a ride on someone’s property. From there they hide in the cracks and crevices around the room. Of course, keeping a tidy home is an advantage as it will be easier to kill the bed bugs if you have an infestation.

3) Bed bugs only come out in the dark

Although they tend to bite humans and feed on their blood at night time when the room is dark, they do become active even when the lights are on. Therefore, bright lights and sunshine won’t be a deterrent for bed bugs.

4) Bed bugs carry diseases

Being bitten by an insect is always an uncomfortable experience. However, the good news is, that this type of insect doesn’t transmit diseases to humans. They are still considered a public health pest, as they reproduce rapidly and spread very easily.

5) Bed bug bites look different from other bug bites

Bed bug bites do not look much different from other bug bites; therefore, you can’t use this to determine whether you have an infestation. Our bodies all react differently to being bitten; whilst some people get bright red marks, other people can show no signs of being bitten
Understanding the facts about bed bugs will greatly help you identify their presence and perhaps prevent an infestation from occurring.

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