What Places Do You Catch Bed Bugs From?

Bed bugs are a terrible pest to have in your home.

They disrupt people’s lives as they bite at night, leading to poor sleep and knock-on effects on our mood and daily activities.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to remove but effortlessly multiply and spread. Therefore, it’s essential to know how bed bugs spread from place to place and where exactly you can catch them.

So here is a list of where you can pick up bed bugs:

1. Hotels, Hostels, and BnBs

Staying in accommodation with a significant turnover of guests increases the likelihood of bed bugs spreading. Bed bugs don’t care about cleanliness. So whether you’re staying in cheap hostels or sparkling clean 5-star hotels, bed bugs will breed without hindrance.

Therefore, checking luggage and clothes before re-entering your home is vital. Grab a torch and inspect the seams of bags and clothes for dark brown or reddish brown stains. You may even notice a dead bug or one alive if they’re an adult.

2. Public Transport

Buses, taxis, trains, and planes are perfect places for hitchhiking bed bugs. If you’re sitting for more extended periods, the greater the chances of these critters clinging to your clothes or luggage. If you’re worried, consider standing if possible.

3. Someone Else’s House

Staying over at someone’s house could allow bed bugs to cling to your clothes, backpacks, or handbags. They even crawl into children’s plastic toys and teddy bears.

4. Crowded Beaches

It’s possible to catch bed bugs at crowded beaches or picnic areas. So it’s wise to check your clothes and other items, such as blankets, after a day out to avoid introducing them to your home.

You don’t have to live in fear of catching bed bugs. Your awareness and simple precautions, such as checking the seams of luggage, are enough to detect them early and avoid an out-of-control infestation. If you’re in doubt, call a knowledgeable professional who can carry out an inspection of your home or advise you on how to take precautions.

But if you spot the signs of bed bugs, contact a pest controller quickly. Otherwise, the infestation will likely worsen over time.